Moret Art



Director: Nuria Blanco Santiago


Moret Art emerged in 2008 with the clear objective of promoting and disseminating contemporary art, both national and international, with a special focus on Galician creators. To this end, throughout these years, it has continuously scheduled individual and group exhibitions, which have been supplemented on numerous occasions with educational activities or artistic gatherings. It has also participated in outstanding contemporary art fairs, always aiming to take Galician art beyond its borders and ensuring that it integrates renowned collections, both public and private. It currently represents a large group of more than twenty artists, some of whom have been part of his identity since its inception, covering disciplines such as painting, sculpture, photography or installation, and who share the same research and innovative zeal.


The other focus of Moret Art’s activity is the realization of consulting projects related to the appraisal and cataloguing of artworks and antiques, being the first specialized art consultancy based in Galicia, with a deep knowledge of the national market.


Uruguay, 1, bajo
15004 – A Coruña

T: +34 981 927 376

M: +34 610 759 934


Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: from 10.00 am to 14.00 pm from 17.30 pm to 20.30 pm.
Saturday:  12.00 pm to 14.00 pm (evening with appointment).


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